ClubGolf Registration

Once registered an organiser will assign your child to a group if there is availability. Once assigned to a group you will receive an email with more information including payment details. If there is no availability, your child will be added to the waiting list and we will contact you to let you know. You can then decide to leave your child's name on the waiting list for next year or have us remove your details.

All information will be treated with sensitivity, respect and will only ever be shared with those that need to know. Once you submit this form you will be able to login to the ClubGolf portal, from there you can edit your information as required to keep it up to date.

Parent/Guardian Information

Child Information

If you need to register more than one child, additional children can be added once you are registered and logged in to the portal.

Account Details

These are the details you will use to login to the portal to update your information and sign up to ClubGolf in the future

Parental Consent

Do you give permission for this child to be involved in photographing/filming while participating in golf. Information and images could be used in publications including the website.

Please indicate if you consent to this child being transported by persons representing the golf club or one of its individual members or affiliated clubs for the purposes of taking part in golf. The golf club will ask any person using a private vehicle to declare that they are properly licensed and insured and in the case of a person who cannot so declare, will not permit that individual to transport children

I agree to my child participating in golf sessions organised by Dundas Parks Golf Club. I have read and agree my child will follow the code of conduct.

In the event of any injury or illness I also authorise the organisers to obtain on my belhalf medical assistance that my child may require. Children should be collected at the end of each coaching session by an adult.